About Us

Our Mission

In House Group arrives on the scene as fresh as a clean shaven youth, yet having been here for decades. We are the outcome and synthesis of all of the forces that brought us to this moment. The founders share over 60 years of experience from as diverse fields as Architecture, Hospitality, Development, Design, Academia, and Industrial Design. They have also worked hands-on in this field and have worn the (honorary) titles of welders, carpenters, laborers, painters, plumbers, and electricians at various points in their careers.

We endeavor to leave the world in a better place than when we first arrived in it. Building and making tangible what began as only thoughts and lines on paper by Architects and Designers is what drives us. We operate by a sense of, and are motivated by, the satisfaction of leaving our mark on this city – our home.

  • We embrace new technologies.
  • We embrace environmental stewardship.
  • We embrace progressive methodologies, designs, and challenges.
  • We embrace New York City, our home, the place that offers us the raw materials to support our vision and craft.

How We Work

1 Email us or call us

2 Tell us about your project

3 We will bid your project

4 Ponder. Check our references

5 Meet us, Know us, Trust us

6 Let’s get started!

7 Feel content at having made the right choice

8 Repeat…

Our Clients