Both our Partners were formally trained as Architects. One is also the Principal of an independent well respected progressive architecture and design practice. This has allowed In House Group the ability and capacity to offer a full and complete range of construction services complete with ancillary architecture, engineering, and expediting services, a rather unique and enviable position to occupy in this city. In short, we are one of the few organizations that can take a project from initial throughs on paper to a deliverable turn key project, and we have done just that from small scale projects up to, and including, out of the ground new buildings.

Smoothly, seamlessly, and on budget.

Design & Development

  • Engineering design services
  • Architectural design services
  • ADA compliance review
  • Code and zoning review
  • Equipment / appliance / hardware specifications & selections
  • Fixtures and fitting selection

The key to a successful and profitable project is in the details. We can help you at all phases of your project’s development.

Undertaken in conjunction with our partner firm: Kushner Studios Architecture & Design and our team of engineer practitioners​

pre-construction / planning

  • Budget formation
  • Development potential analysis
  • Value engineering
  • M.E.P analysis / selection
  • Document preparation
  • Scheduling
  • Site planning
  • Bid leveling & procurement
  • Mobilization and site logistics planning

Our knowledgeable team can assist getting your project off the ground for maximum cost efficiency and minimal conflicts on site. ​


Construction Management

  • Daily reporting
  • Project hierarchy plan coordination
  • Field and delivery coordination
  • Punch list management​
  • Site supervisor services

We will ensure that your project will be, on time and on budget, working alongside your team with full transparency.​



  • Post ground breaking value engineering
  • Resolving project issues & problem solving
  • Putting stalled projects back on track​

IHG is available for consultation on a wide range of topics, project types and services. Reach out to us to discuss what you may have in mind that we could assist you with.


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