16 Minetta Lane

Project Description:

Architect: Kushner Studios

Project Cost: $ 2.2 million (Est.) 

Program: 5100 Sf

Five bedrooms, four bathrooms, living spaces, guest

house, two courtyards, rooftop, kitchen, 83'

indoor/outdoor rock climbing wall, ,seven working fireplaces, seasonal solarium

This project represents the culmination of Partner Adam Kushner’s dream of a fully integrated design/build/development paradigm. Its deeply philosophical narrative draws from the project’s historical context of a house running over the mythical Minetta Brook. The crossing trees forming a Gothic archway fronting Minetta Street inspired the other defining narrative structure played out in the building’s newly inserted facade. Looking both forwards and backwards, the stacked chord wood pile, so much the staple of our rural landscape, and once part of this sites history, becomes reintegrated again as a reflective screen seen in the living room. The inceptive design moment occurred as the partner was cutting away a tree that had fallen post Superstorm Sandy combined with an add hoc game of hide and go seek he was having with his kids.






Greenwich Village

New York City


May 2020