232 East 6th St

Project Description: 

Architect: Kushner Studios

Program:1,700 Sf 3 BR Apartment,2-1/2 bathrooms, kitchen, custom millwork, custom steelwork, step-out balcony

​This project, a Design/Build effortlike many in our portfolios, was for a client that spent much time working abroad and wanted to return to a comfortable East Village retreat. Arriving with a strong design sensibility, we helped to mold this vision and guide her through unexpected difficulties.The joy she imbued into the design for materials and textures was evident in the attention to details that tested us as architects, designers, and contractors. The centerpiece were four large glass and steel doors which set the tone for other design decisions of the home which became either sympathetically emulated (custom Juliette balcony ) or used as a foil to juxtapose against. (custom panels, millwork/kitchen cabinetry).

the end results were a beautiful, at times quickly and idiosyncratic home that showcased everyone's talents.


Gut Residential Renovation


East Village

New York City


March 2013




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