123 Baxter St

Project Description:

Architect: Kushner Studios

Contract Price: $8.400.000


Mixed use 77,000 Sf ,apartment building, robotic parking, ground floor commercial, gym , private roof areas, tenant meeting rooms.

This apartment building guides inhabitants through a linear cathartic journey, from the culturally entrenched streets of this Chinatown/ Little Italy neighborhood to one's most private inner sanctum: their bedroom, The project proposes an answer to the question of how a fixed object (and fixed image) of a building can exist alongside such public transience that  is Chinatown and how ultimately it  can represent the timeless idea of how a home begins with connecting habitation and occupants with their natural world.The building consist of 23 units made up of 1.2 & 3 bedroom apartments, 2 large penthouse sun decks, and one private duplex "townhouse" with a private lobby and elevator. An innovative robotic parking system exist in its cellar, the first of it's kind in NYC and second in the USA. This project has garnered much publicity and press and remains a jewel and testament of our sister architectural companies dedication to be able to design and build large projects under a common shared umbrella.


New mixed use

Residential Building.


Little Italy

New York City


March 2007






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