Subway Apartment

79 Barrow St


Project Description: 

Architect: Kushner Studios

Contract Price: $1,200,000.00

Program:1,400 SF

Private outdoor space, duplex loft apartment, two bedrooms, two baths.

A combination of two existing top floor studios with a new mezzanine added, this apartment utilized various materials publically observed in New York City, such as subway train doors and other Manhattan.

centric ephemera.  The traditional four basic elements :Fire, Earth, Water and Air are used as the main organizing principles of the project. Water for example, is represented by a vertical shower stall surrounded by glass in the mezzanine  master suite. A sunken plunge pool  surrounded by Mexicane beach stones sits directly under it emphasize the water core! This project continues to garner critical acclaim, as well as international  and local press alike.

Construction was an eclectic mixed bag of  super custom pieces alongside and off the shelf items,Similar iconography is found for the other three elements.


New York City


March 2007

West Village

Gut residential renovation

and vertical enlargement






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