Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

Project Description:

Architect: Kushner Studios

Contract Price: $2,565.000

Program:15.000 Sf 

Tasting room, brewhouse, storage, bathrooms, offices, mechanical space, cold rooms, loading bays.

We were approached by our client, the affable Mr. O'Donnell who along with his partners, gave up their successful day jobs in search of pursuing their dream job. Their goals were anything but myopic. They took a 15,000 Sf former and converted it, what currently stands, as the largest Micro Brewery in the City of New York. And if that wasn't ambitious enough, the name: Five Boroughs Brewery captures their range and scope. Playing off this ambition we proposed a space that was raw and bristling with the frission and energy that speaks to the core forces that define this town, corrugated steel panels and rough wood and blackened steel furnishings played well against the shiny surgical stainless steel equipment. The colors used represented each of the boroughs and became a secondary theme that can be found throughout the entire space. In House Group, along with our dedicated team of consulting engineers, architects and vendors all worked together to bring this difficult and technically challenging project to life. Like the New York City Marathon, we can now add another institution to our city that has set out to celebrate and unite all Five Boroughs. In the end, we will all raise our glasses and be proud of the space we created through a grand collaborative team effort.




Industrial Renovation


Sunset Park


New York 


March 2017

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